Meet the Designer

About Catherina Bishopp

Hi, I’m Catherina

I’m an international girl with a love for style. I create handmade, dainty jewels to inspire women to try something new, embrace their femininity, and feel beautiful while still feeling like themselves.

The jewels at Jewelry by Catherina are fun, modern and effortlessly beautiful. But looking good is just one part of the equation.

We’re in the Business of Creating Beautiful Lives, Not Just Beautiful Jewels

A lot of people are curious how I began my career in jewelry and how I created my line. I can tell you; it didn’t happen overnight but the journey was worth it.

Born the seventh child of Dutch parents, I was the only one born in the States.  I grew up playing piano and traveling and visiting museums.  I went to Indiana University in Bloomington where I continued to play classical piano and graduated with a Bachelor of Science.   After I finished school, I went to Ferrandi in Paris, France, a French culinary school.   Upon completing Ferrandi, I started an internship at a one-star Michelin restaurant in the Loire Valley.  And eventually moved to the Netherlands where I worked for 2 years as a sous-chef at a one-star Michelin restaurant.  Eventually, I moved back to the States and worked as a sales manager for a pharmaceutical job and food manufacturer.  I met my supporting husband and we had two wonderful, caring children……….…So you must be wondering where jewelry came in……..

I was always drawn to jewelry. I feel it is one way a woman can dress up or change an outfit without much fuss.  When I worked and traveled a lot, I found I was drawn to jewelry that was easy to match with my work clothing and also loved to layer jewelry to change up an outfit that I needed to wear more often.  I took some jewelry classes before I married and continued to dabble to make jewelry.   In fact, I made my own bridal jewelry for my bridesmaids and myself.  After having our second child in Trinidad, Tobago, I was wearing my jewelry to carnival parties and received so many compliments and often asked where I purchased it.  Eventually, I started to sell my jewelry at two Trinidad and Tobago jewelry stores.  And was asked to design a piece for famous Trinidadian Soca singer Machel Montano which he wore for many performances.  We eventually moved back to the states where I was busy with our kids and settling in.  I continued to make jewelry as a fun way to express what I would sometimes see in nature when taking our children to the zoo or to the many parks around us. 

It was SO exhilarating and therapeutic. The best part was that I would immediately see my creation. I loved that.

After a few months of making my own pieces, I was at one of my favorite coffee places wearing a piece I’d recently made, a lady came up to me and asked: “Where did you get that?” – pointing to necklace.

When I told her I made it, she asked me: “How much do you sell them for?”

That was the start of many more people approaching me, asking “Where’d you get that…?”

 So, when I started selling the pieces I was wearing, quite literally on the spot, I started to realize that there was a demand for what I was creating!  I started to approach galleries and boutiques successfully about selling my jewelry. 

I was happiest when making jewelry and I loved the feeling of making someone the perfect piece! Seeing a customer’s face light up is priceless.

Because every piece is touched by human hands, there is a unique energy when they are worn.  My  jewels shine brighter because of how they make you feel.

My inspiration comes from many things. Traveling, architecture, people, cities, shapes, and so much more. I’m inspired by how those things make me feel. I love looking at art from the past with a special eye on the shapes that are used and how I could make it into a new piece.

Knowing that my hands touched every single jewel that went to my customers is very special. 

Dainty, Delicate Jewels

The reason I create dainty, delicate jewels is because it’s feminine, sexy (without trying too hard) and it’s SO versatile. You can dress up our jewels with red carpet looks, wear them day-to-day at work, to a cafe with friends or on a date night. I believe fashion should be affordable but also that artists and entrepreneurs should be justly paid for their work. I strive to keep my prices at a reasonable price while continuing to support local charities.  

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